myKonnector offers many ways to solve your current business problems. Through our software, coaching, and Done For You (DFY) services, we can help achieve your business goals!


Use our funnels and websites to capture leads quickly and efficiently. Our platform enables you to customize how you reach and engage with new customers. You can create targeted campaigns, track the performance of your campaigns, and build relationships with customers that convert. You’ll get access to powerful insights so you can improve your campaigns, grow your leads and maximize your reach. Our platform also makes it easy to keep your customer’s information in one spot. Get started today, and start capturing your leads quickly and easily.


Nurturing leads is an important part of any successful business' success. It involves engaging leads over a period of time in order to turn them into clients. This is achieved by keeping them informed with informative content on a regular basis and providing them with relevant offers as they move down the sales funnel. A platform feature focused on nurturing leads will provide users with automated tools that help to identify and connect with leads. It should also make use of personalization tools and analytics to track and optimize lead nurturing campaigns. In addition, the feature should allow users to create targeted campaigns that target leads based on their behavior, interests and preferences. Nurturing leads is a key factor in continued growth and ultimately, converting these leads into clients.


Our platform makes it easy to close leads quickly, providing you with key features that make it simple to secure new customers and grow your business. We provide connected analytics, lead notifications and reminders, as well as automated follow-up to ensure that all leads are tracked, followed up on, and eventually closed. With our platform feature, customers can easily identify leads that are ready to be closed and contact them. Our features allow you to keep track of customer communication and set reminders to prompt follow-up, helping to ensure that all leads are captured and converted.


What if I need Support?

We'll have "Office Hours" Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 1-3 pm EST to help with the product and coach on best practices.

Can you help me move my contacts?

Absolutely! Email and we'll help you out with the import.

Features of myKonnector

Managing contacts, leads, campaigns, automations and tracking interactions.


Reputation Management

Monitor, influence and manage online reputations in order to maintain an individual or organization’s public image or brand.


Missed Call Text Back

Send a customizable text message when a lead calls and the call is not answered.


Mobile App

Book appointments, manage leads, and monitor your pipelines in our mobile app.


FB/Google Advertising

Create automations from your ads and manage reports.


ROI Tracking

Know your numbers! See if each of your lead sources are profitable.



SMS, Email, Instagram DM, and Facebook Business messages all in one place.


Appointment Scheduler

Build appointment types for leads to quickly schedule meetings and appointments with a flexible, user-friendly interface.


Email Marketing

Engage with leads and drive sales through targeted, automated messages.


Websites & Funnels

Build fully functioning websites and funnels plus access to our templated workshop funnel and agent website.